Unequivocal Love

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

With a worn heart,

I made myself believe

that her love was enough.

I love her so,

but her betrayal runs deep.

The tears I fought not to run,

the shattered words that ran past me,

all were but taken by tokens of silence.

I plead to be broken from a love that is unequivocal,

but I forgive too easily,

she forgets too fast.

So for the seconds we are together,

when she is just with me,

what lies are

the wounds that heal but only to the surface,

the bruises that awaken again with every beating,

the cuts too deep to remember the first feeling of pain.

The broken fragments

that once was the purity of our love,

I still cradle them in my sleep

because I love her so.

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©️ Wanly Chen ©️ thewriterscigarette 2021

All Rights Reserved.




Writer, poet, traveler. Instagram poetry visuals @thewriterscigarette

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Writer, poet, traveler. Instagram poetry visuals @thewriterscigarette

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