A poem

Take me back to freshman year where I made a promise to my friend that I would lose myself.

Lose the girl that once was, break her apart and start new.

It was a heavy promise, and one I thankfully never fulfilled in the way it was meant to be…

A poem

Tell the demons inside of you to let you go.

Tell them it’s because I said so.

Tell them I’m enamored by what they tried to do to you,

to make a woman like you become a waning hue.

Tell them that they lost,

because fame and lust were just…

A story of sisterhood

With a worn heart,

I made myself believe

that her love was enough.

I love her so,

but her betrayal runs deep.

The tears I fought not to run,

the shattered words that ran past me,

all were but taken by tokens of silence.

I plead to be broken from…

A story of love

It was printed black and blue,

the sky.

It was the bitterness of winter,

the bloom of spring,

the dreams of summer,

the death of fall.

It was printed black and blue

for us.

This is the story of how the world began to fall,

how suddenly there was a…

A poem

A chime that marked the end,

its silence trembled

through the alleys and streets,

rippling through the cities,

becoming barricades for those who lived in them.

The silence,

it engulfed them.

Made them weak,

made them coward,

made them kneel.

Their mighty has fallen,

their obedience is now required.


In the beginning of 2007, women began to share their experience with sexual harassment and assaults with the hashtag #metoo being the unifying bond. In over a decade, the #metoo movement continues to run as more women and men still share their stories.

But is there is going to be…


Writer, poet, traveler. Instagram poetry visuals @thewriterscigarette

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